Pony Club & Seminars

Pony Club is a systematic, rigorous equestrian educational organization.  It offers a standardized foundation in education, safety, and sportsmanship. Members learn across disciplines in mounted sports and achieve certifications as they move through the levels of riding and horsemanship. Membership at Little Creek is open to lesson students ages 10 and older.

Participating members have access to Pony Club education materials and opportunities to participate in activities such as clinics, certifications, rallies and competitions. Little Creek hosts a club for juniors and also for adults called Horsemasters. You must be enrolled in a lessons program at Little Creek Horse Farm to participate. For more information, please see www.ponyclub.org


2 Hour Seminars aimed at the older teen and adult can be scheduled for groups interested in learning more about horsemanship topics. The cost is $25 each. $15 for Pony Club or Conservancy members. Group discount available.

Topics include:

  • Safety, Horse Care
  • Correct Turn-out and Cool Down
  • Show Grooming
  • Lunging
  • Types of Riding/Competition Rules/ Course Design
  • Bits, leg wraps, equipment and Tack fit.